Interpreting at Click

Are you planning a congress with speakers who don’t speak the local language? Have you arranged to meet with a foreign client and neither of you speaks the other’s language? Have you invited a group of prospective export clients to visit your plant? You can count on Click in any of those situations, for its team of interpreters, who work under the leadership of a practising conference interpreter, covers the various types of interpretation:

simultaneous (involving many listeners who wear headsets to hear the interpreter’s voice, emitted from an interpretation booth)

consecutive (for short speeches or  toasts: the interpreter takes notes for 10-15 minutes and then conveys the message to the listeners)

whispering (simultaneous with no booth or headsets: for 1-2 listeners, usually in a conference setting)

bilateral (for small committee meetings, factory or trade fair visits, one-on-one negotiations: the interpreter conveys each party’s message to the other(s) at short intervals)