Luisa interpreting

Luisa interpreting

Even as a child, Luisa always enjoyed speaking languages other than her own, and today she likes nothing better than dealing with people and helping them in any way she can. Combine those two traits and what do you get? Her ideal calling: translation project coordinator. She has acquired long experience both as a manager and a translator. In addition, she enjoys teaching others what she knows, delivering lectures at universities and congresses.

Luisa, who has acquired both translating and business experience, holds the following degrees and diplomas:

B.A. in translation and interpretation

  • Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Authorised certified translator of the English language

Post-graduate course in conference interpreting

Executive master’s degree in business administration (EMBA)

AMP (Advanced Management Programme)

And to top it all off, she has worked as associate professor of legal translation at the Universidad Europea de Valencia and organises and delivers workshops and talks on translation at conferences and similar events.